About Us

GeoParadise works with native communities to preserve their cultural identity, create a cooperative network for resource sharing, and facilitate the connection between communities in need and those with the resources and skills to help.

Through indigenous representative groups, we reach out to communities, offering assistance to address their current needs. We allow the communities to propose projects, implementing them if they are in line with our charitable goals.

Our goal is to provide basic necessities, education, and engage skillful volunteers. We aim to develop programs which will have a lasting effect, creating long term leverage within the communities they serve.

These programs are primarily run by GeoParadise and its volunteers, although we do work in cooperation with other non-profit organizations, schools, and foundations.

Based in Panama, we operate programs in several indigenous territories and communities within the country. We also have programs in Costa Rica and Guatemala, and are planning projects for communities in Brazil, with the intention of moving into other neighboring territories in the future.

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Mascaras Diablitos: A Co-op for Boruca

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Our Charitable Donations

We are committed to improving the quality of life for the people in the communities we work with. Often this can be accomplished by directly donating goods that may be unaffordable or otherwise hard to procure for a community. We donate items that we hope will have a lasting impact to those on the receiving end.

Installing grey water system in Tz'utujil community, Guatemala

Grey Water System

Through collaboration with IMAP (Mesoamerican Institute of Permaculture) We returned to the medicinal garden we supported in the Tz'utujil community to install a grey-water system. With this system in place, waste water from cooking and cleaning will be filtered and channeled directly into the garden, reducing time and labor costs and conserving fresh water. 2014

Chocolate Processing in Guna Yala

We brought 3 expert chocolate makers from the Ngobe community of Rio Oeste Arriba to the Guna Yala islands for some hands-on lessons on how to make organic, raw chocolate from the local Cocoa trees. The lessons included how to grow and manage the cacao plants, as well as composting and organic agriculture.

These Guna Indians will now be able produce healthy home-made native chocolate to sell to the many tourists that visit the islands, and bringing an to the community.(2013)

charity education boruca paint

Art Classes in Boruca

We brought a Shipibo-Conibo visual artist/art teacher from Peru to Boruca, Costa Rica to teach a series of art classes. For a majority of the population in this native community, the hand-crafted masks and other traditional articrafts is the main source of income.

Four different courses were offered for all skill levels: children, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Each course had multiple classes taking place over a period of four days. (2013)

GeoHaven at Tribal Gathering 2015

The GeoHaven

Once a year we come together for our most spectacular event: the Inter-Tribal Symposium hosted at the GeoHaven during our annual Tribal Gathering festival. The GeoHaven is a meeting house, conference center, school, dance studio, art workshop and cinema. This year we saw 21 tribes from ten different countries come together to share knowledge, culture, and tradition. Over 70 different workshops were hosted by members of indigenous communities and Tribal Gathering festival attendees, covering indigenous traditions and legends, permaculture, cosmology, weaving an natural dyes, a festive chicha celebration, and a myriad of other topics. (2013-2015)


Medicinal Garden

Through collaboration with Conscious Convergence Holistic Fashion, we sponsored the creation of a Medicinal herb and Natural Dye garden in the Tz'utujil community located in San Juan La Laguna, Guatemala. The herbs were grown, dried and later sold by the tenders of the garden at our Tribal Gathering festival in Panama.

Pig Breeding Program in Guna Yala

Through donations of live pigs, we have successfully initiated a self-sufficiency livestock breeding program to provide alternative food sources and reduce food expenditures for various communities in Guna Yala. Over the course of two years, we have donated a total of 10 piglets, some of which have already matured into healthy adults and produced their first litter of piglets. (2013-2015)

weaving sm

Intertribal Symposium in Ustupu

We brought together members of 6 different tribes from Panama, Costa Rica, and Guatemala to Guna Yala to exchange knowledge and tradition.

Publicly available classes in weaving, painting, chocolate processing and jewelry making were taught by participants from each tribe.

The event took place during the annual festival of Nele Kantule in Ustupu, the Capitol of Guna Yala, allowing the tribes in attendance to experience the rich culture of the Guna people in a grandiose manner.

Fresh Water for Nalunega

We are working to raise funds for the island of Nalunega, Guna Yala to install a desalination plant. Access to fresh water in this community is limited, primarily being collected from rain water. Life can be especially difficult during the dry season, when the sun is hot and little rain falls from the sky.

Footpath for a Ngobe community

We traveled to the Ngobe village of Rio Oeste in the Bocas del Toro province of Panama to install a footpath which will provide easier access to the local school (2013)

Chicken Run!

We donated and transported 100 chicks and 100 pounds of chicken feed to Mandiyala, a Guna Village in the rainforest of Guna Yala, Panama. (2013)