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SHUTTLES TO TRIBAL GATHERING: By far the simplest way to get to Tribal Gathering from the airport is with our shuttle service. Just fill out your dates in and out, add your details, pay the fees and we'll do the rest.

Now, we also have a shuttle available from those coming from Envision - Uvita in Costa Rica. Check it out!


The cost of camping is included in the ticket price. The camping areas are surrounded by exotic fruit trees, several types of palms and cane with ample shade. Campsites are not assigned, so please set up in a space that works for you, while being respectful to those you are choosing to set up next to.

We have tents, mattresses and bedding for hire, otherwise bring your own and all the bedding and equipment you need to have a comfortable camping experience. Its not cold at night, but a sheet or light weight sleeping bag is recommended. There is a strict no fire policy. We have a designated fire in the Global Village. These restrictions are for the safety of everyone, so please respect them. We want everyone at Tribal Gathering to feel safe in their campsites, day and night, for themselves and their children. The camping areas are only partially lit, so bring a flash light.

Clean drinking water is provided at the water station, along with washing facilities, eco-composting toilets and showers (these are basic, but a real delight after days of dancing and playing in nature). Please, use only bio-degradable soap and detergent.

You will need cooking equipment if you are intending to cook anything. There is no communal kitchen available for use although often we find people cooking their meals together at the Fire in Global Village.
Please, dont bring bags full of supermarket items to the jungle. They produce an incredible amount of trash and by doing so you support the wealthy families of Panama instead of supporting the tribes, locals, like-minded vendors and tribal gathering team who make this extraordinary event possible. If you need to buy cooking ingredients use the veggie and convenience store onsite, please.

Bug repellent spray or cream could be handy but they will also be available for sale on site. Keep out of the bushes and overgrown areas to avoid crossing paths with snakes, tarantulas or scorpions. Its a jungle out there! There will be paramedics and ambulance onsite in case of any emergency

There is a market area with organic and locally-sourced food, refreshments, soap, toilet paper and other essential knickknacks.
There are also several cafes, bars with juice and alcohol and a restaurant in Tribal Gathering. There is a composting area for biodegradables and recycling bins placed all over the venue. Please, use them!!

Keep the venue clean and respect the beautiful nature around you.
Please do not bring outside food items, beverages, alcohol, glass, weapons, trash or pets.


We have dome tents for hire for single or double occupancy and air mattresses with bedding. Come to claim yours at the info desk and go find your favorite spot to camp within the festival grounds.

To secure your rental, you can book online now clicking on the link below. If still available, you might be able to hire them at the event, first come first serve basis.
The rental period spans up to 18 days from February 24th to March 13th

SINGLE TENT: $40 +$4 fee
DOUBLE TENT: $80 +$6 fee


Now, we also offer the possibility for you to book the most comfortable accommodation onsite: our Lotus Belle Tents!!

These beautiful tear-drop shaped canvas tents are 13 ft diameter and 6.6 ft tall in the center. They feature latex mattresses, bedding, option for 2 singles or 1 queen size bed, electricity, fan, lamp, rug, cushions and lockable wooden trunk to store your valuables.
Prices are the same for single or double occupancy, and you can choose to book it for the whole event or separately for either the Indigenous Immersive or the Dance Celebration.

Glam Camp is situated in a secured area right at the heart of Tribal Gathering.

Availability is very limited! Act now so you dont miss your chance to enjoy the next level on festival dwelling!


We have added the following complementary services to the online booking options. Pre-booking these services online now without any extra processing fees will reduce your cash needs onsite, something really useful baring in mind the closest ATM is 2 hours away!. You can also purchase these services online at the event with a small processing fee added to the regular price.

PRE-PAID MEALS: Now you can also pre-pay your meals online for the whole event and rest assured that your food needs are fully covered before hand! Meal tickets can be redeemed at the main restaurant of the event for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The menu has regular and vegetarian options. The breakfast includes a dish plus coffee/tea and smoothie.

ELECTRONIC DEVICE CHARGE: Full electrical charge for your electronic gadgets at the Hub. Small devices would be phones and cameras, large devices would be laptops and tablets.

SECURITY LOCKERS: Keep your belongings safe at the Hub. We offer two prices options depending if you need to access your bag during the event or not.



TRAVELING TO PANAMA: There are three international airports in Panama but the biggest and closest to Tribal Gathering is Tocumen International Airport (PTY). It's approximately 2.5 hours to Tribal Gathering from the airport.

VISA REQUIREMENTS: For Europe and much of the Americas you will receive a stamp in your passport on arrival. This allows you to stay up to six months in Panama though you are limited to driving for three months. You can check Visa HQ for more information on you countries requirements.

AirPanama Domestic / International Costa Rica
NatureAir International Costa Rica
Copa Airlines Domestic / International North, Central, South America and the Caribbean
AirPanama Domestic / International Costa Rica
Taca International Central and South America
United International Houston, Newark, Denver
Delta International Atlanta
American Airlines International Miami, Dallas
Iberia International Madrid
KLM International Amsterdam
Sunwing International Toronto, Montreal
Air Canada International Toronto, Pearson
Air Transat International Toronto, Montreal and Calgary
CANJET International Montreal, Toronto
Air France International Paris
TAP Portugal International Lisbon
Condor Airlines International Frankfurt and Santo Domingo
Avior Airlines International Barcelona
SBA Airlines International Caracas
Dutch Antilles Express International Curaçao
Aruba Airlines International Aruba
Cayman Airlines International Grand Cayman
Tame International Guayaquil, Quito
Venezolana International Caracas, Maracaibo
Avianca International Bogotá, San José, San Salvador
Spirit Airlines International Miami


Getting to Albrook Bus Terminal?

From Tocumen International Airport (PTY) a taxi cost $30, and 5$ more for each extra person. Make sure to agree the price with the driver before you jump in. Alternatively, you can walk to the bus stop outside the terminal a few hundred meters away and take a public bus for $0.25.
From the city center a taxi should be around $3, although taxi drivers will ask for more if in rush hours (or will simply refuse to take you there). Also many bus routes go to the Bus Terminal ($0.25)
From Panama city to Sabanitas
Take the public bus to Colon from Albrook Bus Terminal and hop off at the Sabanitas bus stop, next to the REY supermarket.
You have 2 options of buses:
Diablos Rojos: The colorful traditional buses of Panama. They start at 3:30 am and they run every 30 min.
Express Buses: Faster, more comfortable and with A/C. They start at 4:50 am and they run hourly.
From Sabanitas to Tribal Gathering
In Sabanitas bus stop you need to wait for the bus for Costa Arriba - Nombre de Dios (which comes from Colon). It will take a few hours as the bus stops a lot.

IMPORTANT UPDATE !! Due to delays on the construction of the new road, the public bus service does NOT reach the festival area.

The last stop is in Cuango. There are no taxis or public transport from Cuango to the festival. We will do our best to have a private shuttle service from Cuango to the festival car park, but schedules will vary depending on the daily demand and seats are limited. We can only guarantee a minimum of 2 services per day, since most of our resources have been already allocated to provide a regular and solid shuttle service from Tocumen airport in Panama City.

The total cost of coming in Public transport from PTY airport would be:
$30 taxi fair to Albrook bus terminal
$3.5 - $4 bus from Panama City to Sabanitas
$4 bus from Sabanitas to Cuango
$3 private shuttle Cuango - Tribal Gathering

We strongly advise all the travelers attending Tribal Gathering to book our official airport shuttles to avoid extended waiting times and an extremely long journey on the public bus.
The price difference is not very much and for that little bit more, you'd save lots of time and headaches, and you will be supporting GeoParadise by helping offset the huge costs of transportation involved in bringing together tribes and artists from all over the world.

Alternatively, there are other buses (Costa Arriba - Guaira) that can take you to Portobelo, which is half way to Tribal Gathering from Sabanitas, and from there you can try find a taxi to the festival site (35km). If there is a few of you, this should be affordable, although this is even more inconvenient than the regular public bus.

You can grab the bus to Costa Arriba - Nombre de Dios directly from Colon Bus Terminal, no need to do the transfer in Sabanitas. See above the instructions to hop off.

Making you own way

Driving: It's fairly easy to drive to Tribal Gathering from Panama city and the airport. You first need to follow signs for Corredor Norte and Colon, this will get you out of Panama city or away from the airport. You will need to have a Panapass sticker in your card to be able to go in the highway and corredor norte and sur of panama city. Cash payments are no longer permitted. All rental cars have them, make sure you top up yours before hitting the road to avoid fines.
Once on Corredor Norte Colon highway drive for approximately 45 minutes pass the final "cash only" toll and turn to Sabanitas exit. Follow the road for several minutes till you come to a Rey supermarket. Turn right follow the road 3 km and turn right following signs to Portobelo. Stay on this road for 40 km passing through Portobelo until another right turn for Palenque, stay on this road all the way to Cuango where a right turn will take you onto the new road to Playa Chiquita/Palmira, several more km's and your there. phew! Probably better still if you get a phone chip in Panama city and use your map.