big call to all visual artists, decorators, sculptors, landscape designers
come to Tribal Gathering to share your talent with us
and help make Tribal Gathering even more beautiful

Exhibiting your visual art in the ART SPHERE, sharing a live art performance on stage, building an art installation, sculptures, lamps, gardens,... there are plenty of ways to share your talent, the limit is only your imagination!!

Submit the form below and the area coordinator we'll contact you back  after reviewing the application.


Art Sphere Application

Please enter a Username to create an account. If you already have an account please login before completing this form.
We encourage all exhibiting artists to engage in our educational program offering classes and hands-on workshops to Tribal Gathering participants.
All artists need to be onsite at least 2 days before the gates open.
Since our budget for this is small, artists who are able to purchase a ticket and cover their expenses will have the greatest chances in the selection process. Complimentary drinks/food will be offer regardless.
Please, specify if the budget requested is for travel costs, hospitality, professional fees, etc

Please, use this link to read Tribal Gathering Terms and Conditions for Performers, Artists and Presenters before submitting the form


- If you have more than 1 art project to offer you can submit the form multiple times.
- Please be sure to re-enter all the personal details accurately, since each submission will update in our database the personal info sent before.
- Only the specific art project information needs to be different each time you submit (the last 13 questions)