TRIBAL GATHERING: Tribal Gathering is more than a festival, it is a place for the world to come together, where time is transcended, ancient and modern converge in symbiotic harmony, shaman manifest spirits of plants as musicians call on the ethos of imagination. Interfaith dialogue blends with a rich heritage of esoteric wellness, creativity, alternative cultures, active participation and love. Ultimately it is where we welcome the divine spirt of dance. Tribal Gathering is a meeting point for indigenous communities from all over the world. It is a gathering of tribes, from the past and present, the global transformational tribe and whoever feels the call to join in the celebrations. It takes place every year over the full moon of February on the Caribbean coast of Panama.

TRIBAL GATHERING IS A REGENERATIVE EVENT: Every aspect of the gatherings production addresses ecological solutions through a deep understanding of the surrounding habitats. 100% compost toilets, fresh filtered spring water, sustainably sourced bio-construction materials harvested within 2km of the site, food supplied by the local farmers, off-grid power solutions and local labour initiatives bringing much needed employment into the region. With over a hundred workshops on a huge range of subjects from permaculture, health and body movement to community management philosophies and alternative financial systems. Tribal Gathering not only supports but actively promotes proactive change for the good of mankind and the planet.

TRIBAL GATHERING ENCOURAGES CULTURAL AWARENESS: Bringing indigenous communities together and presenting cultural diversities rarely seen anywhere in world. Tribal Gathering provides a space conducive to dialogue where tribal members can meet and share experiences, discover commonalities and find solutions to fulfill their needs. They share their knowledge and creativity with the world and actively partake in the construction and management of the event. They represent the beating heart of Tribal Gathering showing that while we are one we are also everything.

TRIBAL GATHERING MODUS OPERANDI: Due to its nature and length Tribal Gathering is organized into sections allowing for attendees with different requirements and time restrictions to choose whats best for them. It starts with a tribal fusion dance celebration followed by a continuous supply of workshops and skill sharing. After a day of learning, relaxing, playing in the sea or exploring the jungle there will be evenings of world music on the Global Stage. It is also planned in accordance with the needs of the indigenous communities, respecting the sanction of their sacred spaces and provides a schedule that allows for physical cleansing and mental preparation in readiness for their shamanic ceremonies. When the ceremonies have finished there will be a transition day, where we will all come together to thank what has happened and welcome whats ahead. We will share a meal and prepare for the final celebration, fives days of modern dance ritual of the transformational tribe.

Working with indigenous communities from around the world

Bringing together tribes from around twenty countries is no small task. Many communities are far from modern communication and transport. The costs for bringing even one person from deep in a rainforest to a transport hub and flying them to Panama is huge. Documentation for some just does not exist and for others even though we'll get everything in place immigration laws and local governments make it incredibly difficult. But when all the communities are together, meeting each other and sharing their knowledge it's then and you will see too, that it really is worth the effort.

Meet the tribes

.. shamanism ..

Shaman are primarily healers and spiritual counselors for their communities, though in truth their services can take on many roles. As such, any conference on indigenous culture would not be complete without them. Although the practices and principles of shamanism predate all know religions its eclectic approach is often more in tune with the problems of our present day world. While drawing upon much of the same mythology and practice of the more primitive Shamanistic teachings, modern Shaman work to reform those areas harmful to the human spirit and the health of the planet.

Tribal Gathering has multiple Shamanic Realms where attendees can attend different ceremonies with shaman from different indigenous communities. It is a rare and unique opportunity to learn multiple disciplines over such a short period of time and in one place. Due to the nature of the ceremonies and individual requirements the program of activities is created adhoc during the gathering between attendees and the shaman. Please note that for some ceremonies, shamans traditionally ask the participants to contribute with a donation.

.. workshops ..

with over one hundred workshops for eighteen days in four learning zones

Subjects Include:

  • Tribal Skill Exchange
  • Local Marine Ecology
  • Producing Music
  • Cocoa and Chocolate Making
  • Shamanism
  • Drumming
  • Carving Masks
  • Tribal Culture
  • Traditional Instruments
  • Indigenous Jewelry
  • Tantric Sex
  • Textiles
  • Making Tribal Spears
  • Ecstatic Body Movement
  • Raw Food
  • Shamanic Art
  • Yoga
  • Traditional Foods
  • Adobe and Sustainable Construction
  • Acro Balance
  • Making Chicha
  • Permaculture
  • Making Musical Instruments
  • Meditation
  • Herb Spirals
  • Natural Dying Fabrics
  • Tribal Body Art
  • Botany
  • Weaving
  • Tribal Dance
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Making Hammocks
  • Story Telling
  • Sustainable Agro Forestry
  • Medicinal Herbs
  • and more

.. artsphere ..

Bringing together artists, architects, designers and sculptures from all over the world. For three months they work together to create incredible spaces that are symbiotic of the flora, fauna, theme and needs of the event. We have a gallery showcasing indigenous and shamanic art. It's a great chance to meet the artists and join them in their art workshops or watch as they create pieces live during the event.

.. market ..

a blend of indigenous, artisan, handcrafted designer wear, jewelry
food and drink bars makes the market place a colorful and lively area

whether your a vegetarian, meat eater, vegan or prefer it raw we have a variety of restaurants and cafes to suit your taste

.. kids ..

Tribal Gathering is a kid friendly event: natural and safe environment with many activities in the eco-cultural program suitable for the little ones, specially the arts, crafts and hands-on gardening workshops. A truly magical place where they can experience many different cultures sharing with one another in a symbiotic way. Tribal Gathering provides a profound sense of respect and harmony between cultures of the Earth which we believe is essential for the future generations to achieve a much needed global positive transformation.

Tribal Gathering does not offer childcare services or babysitting, so parents are at all times responsible for their kids. We encourage parents to self organize and be pro-active to make the children's area an interesting space. There are also plenty of fun activities in Panama for families to partake before and after Tribal Gathering... All in all, this is an opportunity like no other to enjoy a family holiday together!

Tribal Gathering will provide free meals and drinks vouchers for the kids. Come to the info desk to get yours!

Children under 14 can come for free accompanied by an adult

Let us know if you have an idea you would like to implement

contact us

.. location ..

The north coast of Panama has a raw unexplored quality. Large swaths of exotic jungle sweep down to the coast. The flora and fauna is amazing, monkeys, sloth, jaguar, cayman and a multitude of colorful birds. The region has a cultural blend of local indigenous aboriginals and afro Caribbean's. Getting here is relatively simple. Approximately 2.5 hours from Tocumen International Airport. Buses are regular and cheep or if you want it easier we provide a shuttle service to and from the site.

Things don't stop there, Tribal Gathering is a fundraising event for our public charity Geoparadise, the money we raise funds numerous projects throughout the year with the tribes in attendance. It is also a platform where projects are created and we all get the chance to involve ourselves in this process.


A modern charity working hand in hand with tribes from around the world.

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visit tropical islands in the Caribbean or work with shaman from the high Andes?

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We provided startup funding for a group of women in Guatemala to grow and sell medicinal and natural dye herbs and plants. We also funded this short documentary of the project.


We provided startup funding for women of Bruncaj to form an art-supply cooperative in their community.


We funded and built a community space for the Amazonian tribe of Kamayura to hold their ceremonies and festivals.