Purchase of ticket and/or event registration signifies your agreement to the following:

GeoParadise Tribal Gathering is a private event only for GeoTribe Lotus Members of GeoParadise Inc., a Public Charity based in Delaware, U.S.A.
All attendees are required to have a GeoTribe account prior to the event and complete the event registration process in full.
Registration for the event requires the payment of a fee. This fee provides both Lotus Membership for a year and Tribal Gathering entry rights for the upcoming edition. Event registration (and the simultaneous Lotus membership signup) can be arranged online prior to the event, or at the gates during the event dates.
Price scheme is as advertised in GeoParadise, inc. website:

This registration is for a Gathering and not for one specific artist or program activity. Although the organisers will always endeavour to present the bill as advertised the line up of artists and program of activities cannot be guaranteed. Cancellations do sometimes happen due to illness or other reasons.

Published times may also be affected and events cannot be guaranteed to finish exactly on time. Should one or more artists be cancelled the Gathering will go ahead as normal. Please be aware that refunds will not be given in these circumstances. No money will be refunded or registrations cancelled or exchanged, unless the event is completely cancelled or the event organizers decide to make an exception in a particular situation. If you wish to apply for a refund, please contact the organizers explaining your circumstances and your case will be evaluated.

CANCELLATION - In the event of TOTAL cancellation, the face value minus the handling fee will be refunded. No refunds will be given without proof of registration and payment.

You use the car park at your own risk and enter the gathering site at your own risk.

You consent to filming and sound recording as a member of the audience.

GeoParadise Tribal Gathering is a family-friendly event but children are under parent's responsibilities at all times. GeoParadise will not provide childcare during the gathering. Anyone under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by a responsible person over the age of 16 at all times.

All persons attending may be subject to  security searches. Bags/possessions may also be subject to search upon entering the event.

Attendees will abide by all applicable Panama laws, especially those regarding to age limitations on the use of tobacco & alcohol;

Please, leave your animals at home.

No weapons.

No glass.

Fireworks and pyrotechnics are strictly prohibited.

Alcoholic drinks and bottles/cans of soft drinks are not permitted to be taken in to the gathering site.

Gathering organisers reserve the right to refuse admission without refund.

Gathering  organisers reserve the right to alter or change the programme.

Gathering organisers accept no responsibility for lost, damaged or stolen property and/or personal items.

Attendees should be aware of all risks involved; consideration should be given to excessive exposure to sustained high noise levels, specially for kids, ear protective devices are strongly recommended within the music areas.

The event registration may not be re-sold without the express agreement of the promoter, and the title to this event registration remains with the promoter until payment has been received in full by the promoter. Be aware of possible forgeries and only purchase event registrations from website.  
Event registration confirmation email must be printed and brought to the event along with a valid form of identification (passport or cedula for Panama citizens). Checks will be in place at point of entry to verify the printed information matches with our records and the attendee's identity.

Any information displayed on the webpage, on the gathering site or in the programme is for information only and may be subject to change.