Black Moon Gathering in Cerro Azul - June 2013

Jun 8-9th 2013
Cerro Azul,  PANAMA

High above Panama City lies a beautiful mountain range of Cerro Azul. The air is cooler and the views to die for, it is the only place in the Americas where you can see the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. We had to party it, we had no choice, it is our calling.

More and more people were asking for a psychedelic Gathering and this one was to be it. We rented a large A frame house and added a little deco magic and oh! what a night.

It was deep with great sets from all. Michal kicked things off with the perfect blend of minimal tech and psy, then MI5 took it to the next level with his best set of the season. Everybody danced and swayed to the tribal beat, the motion potion was definitely flowing that night. Lyndon Ivhaneck, Ras Chris and Laurence Straw seeming far too swiftly took the musical proceedings through to the morning.

Some nights fly by at the speed of light but somehow contain stories too epic for a whole year, this was one of those nights. It was beautiful, crazy, mad and great all in one memorable eve.

The weather was perfect and our crowd up for it, maybe a little too up for it at times “a neighbor complained that there were naked people swimming in someone else's pool” and the morning pure madness…. Ooops! you know who you were you naughty lot you ;)




Moon Gatherings Dragon Fly Waterfall - Jan-Apr 13

Dec 29-30th 2012, Jan 15-16th, Jan 29-30th, March 9-10th, March 28-29th and April 27-28th 2013
Dragonfly Waterfall, near Chorrera

Junier, the cousing of the farmer who was our host on Dec'12 Black Moon Gathering, was excited to offer his waterfall as a venue for our gatherings. The most amazing location that was gonna become the home of 5 of our moon gatherings in that season, what we liked to call: DragonFly Waterfall.

An impressive secluded waterfall next to a flat grass field surrounded by jungle and nature, 30 min from Panama city and with a super friendly land owner. Perfect! What else could we ask for?

We threw 5 gatherings here between Dec 2012 through to April 2013 until the rainy season was coming close, when we decided to look for alternative venues with covered spaces. Quite an adventure to find following the reflective arrows and directions, but totally worth the effort once in there and a great story to tell friends.

We noticed our gatherings grew suddenly in size just after Tribal Gathering 2013 looking like finally the local scene was noticing us and our unconventional way of celebrating and bonding and so the fun and general gathering vibe improved proportionally.

Artists like Dan Covan (USA), David Kabajun (USA), Styx (Romania), Chicodelico (Brasil) and Sunshow (Netherlands/Ibiza) joined us from other countries and the usual suspects MI5, Ras Chris, Psy Ohm, Pulum, Blue Wizard, etc, evolving to more eclectic and inclusvie music styles to please the local taste with slower BPM and happy moods, predominantly progressive psy and tech-house with a pinch of psy and goa trance at night and psy chill and dub around the edges.
Misha (Dr Quack) and GeoLab at the visuals, body painting, chill out tipi with cushions, horse back riding, locally grown organic pinaples and sancocho on sundays. Lots of good memories.... and some crazy ones as well! :D

We will see you there again soon!! :D 



Full Moon Gathering Punta Chame - Nov 2012

Nov 30th-Dec 1st 2012
Punta Chame, PANAMA

With only a couple of days notice, we co-organized this last minute gathering to celebrate the full moon and Pedro Tejada's birthday.

Determined to catch the attention of like-minded young adults in Panama who share the love for music, art and dance, we went ahead starting a series of fortnightly moon gatherings that ran throughout that busy season. This was the first of them!

Looking back now, we realize that we've come a long way since then...!

Cozy family vibe and good fun in this improvised gathering in the beach of Punta Chame, where we said good bye to Sunshow and Chicodelico who came from Amsterdam and Brazil to help us with the pre-production and logistics for Tribal Gathering 2013.



Full Moon Gathering Las Perlas Islands - Sept 2012

GeoParadise Full Moon Gathering - Las Perlas IslandsSep 28 - 30th 2012
Las Perlas Islads, on board of sailing yacht

To say hello to Panama after the european festival summer season and introduce to all the new floating premises where our GeoLab 2.0. will be located, we organized a small gathering on board of the gorgeaus Ocean Magic, courtesy of Wavy Tribe, our sister panamanian corporation and one of the main supporters of GeoParadise activities in this country.

We were also celebrating Lis Becerra's birthday and we had the groovy BPM crew on board bringing the tunes, together with Impulse Response from Ke Lo Kenji Tribe.

The gathering was beautiful, we left late on friday, arriving at the archipelago in the morning. We drop anchor in Contadora island area on saturday and next day we sailed around Mogo Mogo. Dolphins and whales leaping around these uninhabited islands of undescribable beauty were the perfect decoration for this first gathering of what was going to be a epically busy season.




Black Moon Gathering Chorrera Farm - Dec 2012

Dec 15th-16th 2012
Farm near La Chorrera, PANAMA

Thanks to our friends from Chorrera (Cesar aka "Mind Pulse", Cholo, Jonhy, Pocho, etc) we found this farm with amazing views where to throw our first Black Moon Gathering ever.

We had been celebrating the Full Moons for a while back then, so we decided that it would be good to give it a dance to the Black Moon as well, when the sky is full of stars and the Milky Way shines above us, turning the Moon Gatherings into fortnightly events for the resto of that season.

Mind Pulse, Impulse Response, Psy Ohm amongst others brought the music and VJ Libelula Fractal delighted us with his visuals. On Sunday afternoon, we all went to have a swim and a delicious "sancocho" (traditional Panamanian chicken and yuca soup) at Junier's waterfall round the corner.

Junier, the cousing of the farmer who was our host on this Black Moon Gathering, was excited to offer his waterfall as a venue for future gatherings. looool That's how we discover the most amazing location that was gonna become the home of 5 of our moon gatherings in that season.



Black Moon Gathering Isla Catalina - May 2013

May 11-12 2013
Isla Catalina, Sta. Catalina. Veraguas
Coinciding with the Surf World Games, we hosted this gathering at the uninhabited Isla Catalina, on a derelict vila that somehow we managed to turned into a colorful dancefloor.

In this gathering we met Lyndon Ivhaneck, a Dj from Santiago de Veraguas, who joined MI5, Lúa Meiga, Ras Chris and Laurence Straw on the decks for this ocassion, sharing his minimal tech-house grooves with all. After this one, he became a regular member of our music crew. Good find!

Big thanks to Gino who was great help with local logistics and to the fishermen for providing the lancha transport to the island.
This gathering was great in attendance and everyone was cheering, dancing and having a great time... One of the best editions of the moon series no doubt and definitely, a location to visit again for more.... Vo-lu-men!! ;D




Full Moon Gathering in Gorgona - May 2013

May 25-26 2013
Gorgona, PANAMA
Ras, from our venue hunting team, found in internet this gorgeous mansion with breathtaking grounds and only 2 steps from the light colored sand Gorgona Beach on the Pacific Coast of Panama. We thought we should give it a try... and it worked like a charm!!

The magnificient garden trees and bushes brightened with our color LED lights, couple of hangings and the beauty of the house itself, with its covered porch, was enough to make this one of the top quality venues so far for these gatherings... and suitable for the rainy season!

We were lucky to get a few new local artists joining us for this one: Ely Ureña, M. Scheffler and some members of the Freaky Family came to spin their tunes, along with our loyal dj crew: MI5, Ras Chris, Lyndon, Pulum, Laurence Straw, ...

Landlord was a very cool gentleman, and although a bit nervous in the beginning, he ended up inviting us to come back for another one in the future... and I reckon we probably will!  ;D




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