GeoParadise Tribal Gathering 2015

January 30th through February 16th 
Caribbean Coast, Panama

A truly inspirational and progressive gathering for tribes of the world. Adding to an amazing international lineup, possibly the worlds most beautiful location on the Caribbean sea, with artists from around the world and structures built by indigenous tribes using traditional techniques, there are meeting houses, stages, an art gallery, craft rooms, tipi's, a sweat Lodge, market, restaurants and bars.

Tribal communities Guna, Emberá, Maya, Ngöbe, Boruca, Bri-Bri, Wounaan, Térraba, Buglé, Shipibo and more will live with us for the duration of the gathering, sharing their ideas and culture through ceremonies, workshops, talks, theatre, art, food and drink.
There really is no other festival like this on earth.

Money raised by the event goes to sponsor projects with the tribes in attendance throughout the following year.

Tribal Gathering 2015

THEME: "Cultivating the Power of Transformation"
In 2015 we move up in our journey through the chakras evolving to the third chakra Manipura "the resplendent gem",  the element Fire and the color Yellow. This energy center located at the solar plexus in our bodies and is involved in self-esteem, warrior energy, and the power of transformation; it also governs digestion and metabolism.
A healthy spirited third chakra helps overcome inertia and become responsive, assert one's will, and assume responsibility for one's life.
This chakra is also the location of deep belly laughter, warmth, ease, and the vitality received from performing selfless service.
Manipura is considered the center of dynamism, energy, will power and achievement, which radiates prana throughout the entire human body. It is associated with the power of fire and digestion, as well as with the sense of sight and the action of movement.

MUSIC LINE UP (First round)

Klopfgeister - Germany | U-Recken - Israel |
Emok | Denmark| Etic - Israel | Shane Gobi - UK / South Africa | Sensifeel - France | Psymmetrix - UK | Shakta - UK |
Rastaliens - Germany / Suitzerland | DJ Nuky - UK |
Minfeel - France | Southwild - Germany | Asimilon - UK |
Rikam - Canada | Dan Gilbert - UK | Otkun - Canada |
Ipcress-UK | Dan Covan - USA | Michal Scheffler - Poland |
R2 - Costa Rica | Pulum Lee - Panama | Akasha Vibes - France |
Marcodelix - Costa Rica | Digo - Guatemala | Ras Chris - USA |
MI5 - UK | Lua Meiga - Spain | Tree - UK | Robin Triskele - UK | Dee Aura - Israel | DJ Shahar - Israel |
Tripswitch - UK | Kilowatts - USA |
Mixmaster Morris - UK |
Kaya Project dj - UK | Entheogenic - UK


Gates open Fri 30th Jan
Pre-party Sat 31st Jan
Full Moon Celebration Wed 4th Feb
Shamanic Ceremonies 4 - 11th Feb
Workshops 4- 16th Feb
Tribal Dance Weekend 6 - 9th Feb
Electronic Dance Celebration 12 - 16th Feb
Gates close Gates close Tuesday 17th Feb

The main Music Stage of the festival. A unique stage will be built to house the performers. The very latest techniques in sustainable eco-design will be used, artists and designers from over the world will come together to create this spectacular altar to sustainability and music.

The musical side of Global Village. International and local musicians will be entertaining everyone with an eclectic mix of music. The mood here will be relaxed throughout. With hammocks and plenty of shade where you can relax socialize, hang out or strut your funky stuff

Tribal Gathering 2015

The festival will start here with the Inter Tribal Symposium. Indigenous tribes will be hosting talks, workshops, theatre and dance. You will also find all things related to living in harmony with each other and our natural environment.
Its a productive zone, the place to learn more about how to live in our world, from the city to the tribal village, power generation to permaculture. Healing area, deliciously healthy food and drinks and artisan market complete this area, the heart of the festival.

Art Sphere will house the work and magic of masters of the visionary movement.
This space compliments perfectly the shamanic elements of indigenous tribes throughout the planet. Open to all 24 hours a day.

A place for purification and connection with the spiritual spheres and the heart of
Mother Earth. Shaman and spiritual guides from tribes will conduct traditional ceremonies and rituals from their culture and share the healing power and wisdom contained in those sacred practices.
There will be Temazcal ceremonies, also known as Sweat Lodge and several plant wisdom ceremonies and rituals from 4th till the 11th before the electronic music festival starts. Time to re-connect with Mother Nature and gather its energy.

Tribal Gathering 2015 Location

Tribal Gathering 2015 Location


Two kilometers of untouched Caribbean beach, warm emerald seas, coconut palms, a fresh water lagoon, Jurassic forests and refreshing breezes make this the perfect paradise location

More information coming very soon. Keep your eyes peeled!!

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InterTribal Symposium Held in GeoHaven, the Brain of the festival: a meeting house, conference centre, school, dance studio, art workshop and cinema. It lies at the heart of Global Village. It’s the reason why GeoParadise organizes festivals. The Inte…
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LOCATION Two kilometers of untouched Caribbean beach, warm emerald seas, coconut palms, a fresh water lagoon, Jurassic forests and refreshing breezes make this the perfect paradise location.   Tribal Gathering venue is 1.5 km from the small Caribbean fishermen village of Pale…